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Outright Diamond Ownership

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Diamond investment

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An Opportunity to Invest

Diamond ownership

An opportunity to enjoy the potential significant returns achievable by purchasing investment grade natural fancy coloured diamonds at wholesale prices.

Natural fancy coloured diamonds offer a strong growth potential and this tangible diminishing asset has a low correlation to the financial markets and have retained their values even during periods of recession and economic downturn.

Pure Diamonds only source the best and rarest auction investment grade diamonds. Own your own diamond and take delivery yourself or store and insure at the Geneva vault, this option is import duty and VAT free. We also have duty free zones in Zurich, Singapore, Bangkok and New York.

Diamond prices are poised to rise as demand grows at double the pace of supply through to 2020 because of expanding middle class populations in China and India”

Bain and Co Report

An investment you can wear. Some of our clients choose to have their diamonds made into a piece of jewellery, deigned and made in our workshop. Buying at wholesale can save up to 280% over High Street prices.

Unlike some investments this is a real tangible asset that you own outright.

Diamonds have outperformed many traditional investments year on year and unlike many alternative investments do not require any further actions to grow in value (such as planning permission on land, a build in off plan property, or a harvest in a farming investment), only to do what diamonds have done since time began….Increase in value.

Why Pure Diamonds?
  • Genuine wholesale prices
  • Independent administrator
  • Vault escrow service
  • Duty free storage options
  • Pure Diamonds source only GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificated diamonds with strong market value and constant demand
  • Independent laboratory reports
  • Pure Diamonds only source conflict free diamonds under the Kimberly Process certification system
  • Fully managed exit strategy via our wholesale, retail, auction, private collectors, private investors, UK and overseas funds and institution channels
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Only GIA Approved Diamonds

Only GIA approved diamonds

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UK: 01603 851230

Overseas: 0044 (0)1603 851230

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