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Some of Pure Diamonds customers

I have known and invested with Andrew over many years and his knowledge, experience and patience are second to none, he is a diamond expert. I found his approach refreshing and transparent. He always gives good reasons on what to buy and what to avoid. Every single diamond I have purchased and subsequently sold through Andrew’s company has performed as he has predicted or in most cases even better.

Written by: Gordon S.
(outright ownership) Diamond Investor
Date published: 16/07/2013

I wanted to write to thank the Pure Diamond team for all their help and support with my recent diamond investment purchase.

I met Andrew and Arnie initially and they spent time not only explaining about diamonds but how the investment process works. I even went to the vault to see the diamonds and met the administrators of the investment. I was very impressed with their knowledge, professionalism and experience. It was great to see my investment and to look at some other very rare Argyle pink diamonds.

Written by: Nigel C.
(outright ownership) Diamond Investor
Date published: 09/07/2013

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Introduction: I am pleased to be able to give an account of my recent two-day stay in Geneva (25th-26th April 2013), when Mr. Andrew Segal gave me the opportunity to view and inspect my portfolio of diamonds (which I co-own with certain other investors as a shareholder). It was an intriguing experience for me. I impart this account entirely voluntarily.

Some background:

I bought my diamond investment with Pure Diamonds in late 2012. Investment in diamonds was a novelty to me, so although I had done my due diligence on Pure Diamonds before purchasing the investment, and I had received my share certificate, I still wanted the opportunity to see the diamonds for myself and put to the team any questions I had.

Meeting in Geneva:

I met Andrew, Arnie Debenham and the company’s trustee, Richard (of Glenmuir International) at their hotel in Geneva for drinks and a discussion. I also had the good fortune to meet their chief supplier (and cutter) of diamonds, who accompanied us to the vault the next day. I found them to be a competent and complementary team. I appreciated their eagerness to attend to my questions in an open, informed and sincere fashion.

The high point:

The following day (Friday), we visited the Geneva vault (by the airport) to view my diamond holdings. My batch of diamonds is exquisite. They are in a stunning array of hues – transparent, yellows, pinks, and one a striking orange. I think they numbered about ten in all, each a beauty!

In conclusion:

Andrew and Arnie, I am very grateful to you for arranging this fascinating experience, and allaying any doubts I had.

Written by: Paul S.
(share option) Diamond Investor
Date published: 13/06/2013
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